iloveeastvanParents on the Drive (POTD) is a vibrant, online, community network dedicated to supporting local families of all types, ages, backgrounds and compositions.

Started in 2004 as a Yahoo Newsgroup for parents near Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, POTD now has over 1,200 members who share over 800 emails a month on topics related to parenting and our community.

If you are in the ‘hood, have kids and computer access, POTD is for you!


  1. I used to be a member. I’m not sure why I can’t log in anymore. I would like to join POTD again. Thanks!

  2. Aloha!
    My family and I will be relocating from Hawaii to East Vancouver in January. The family we will be renting from recommended we check out this website for great info and connections. Look forward to experiencing all our new home has to offer!


    1. Hi Noreen. Yes, you can offer childcare services within the group, but we respectfully request that you not treat the group as an advertising forum and minimize the number of direct posts you submit offering your services. This group is intended as a discussion forum for parenting related topics, and as such many members do post requests looking for recommendations for childcare services to which they are always happy to have a response, however, most do prefer not to receive numerous advertisements for services. Please send an email to parentsonthedrive-subscribe@yahoogroups.com if you would like to join the list.

  3. Hi, I’ve been trying to join the group by sending emails to the different addresses and also the join group button suggested below. How long does it take to be added to the group?

    1. Hi Robyn. Your request to join will go out to the moderators, who just need to approve it. Sometimes this can take a few days before you’ll start receiving emails. I would actually recommend using the Join Group button because it requires you to have a Yahoo account, which then means you can change your settings – specifically to request a digest view of the emails so you don’t get inundated by mail!.

  4. Our 2 year old has outgrown our Ergo carrier (35 lbs) & we are hoping to buy a very good quality used toddler one if possible. Anyone selling? Or know where I can buy a new top quality one for a good price?

  5. Good day, i am a nanny & i am looking for a child to take care of.. Please add me in your website..

  6. We need advice on how to protect us from a threat to Grandview Park. On May 1st a non-permitted “event” trashed the park & required VPD intervention at 1:30 am. (Property damage, defecation & urination, a stabbing, lots of dangerous litter left requiring us to clean up etc.) The same group is promoting a Dance Party on Aug 21st. What can we do?

      1. This concerns Neighborhood Parks and families having safe times together. We wanted your group to be informed & ask your members to request the VPD to keep our Park as it is…. a great place for families with kids to visit.

  7. Searching or some childcare for my beautiful little lady, Isabelle. And looking I connect with my community. This is a great idea:)

    1. Hi stephanie, looking for a child to care ages between 1y/o -3y/o by september..
      I have 4 years experience here & 5years in Hong Kong for infant & toddlers..
      Have a great day..

  8. If anyone is looking for an afterschool nanny share, whose child attends Lord Nelson, please contact me at agratl AT hotmail.com. I can’t seem to join this group without joining yahoo, which I’m not really wanting to do.

  9. Hello.
    My little girl forgot her scooter at Clark park a few days ago. Just wondering if anyone found it?

  10. Hi. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to switch from the barrage of emails to the weekly digest… I know there’s a way! I don’t recall my original yahoo account and can’t get into it… I did find one yahoo account but it was the wrong one (didn’t relate to the POTD listserv.) I’ve had my e-mails sent to my Hotmail account for many years now… Let me know if you know how to help! thanks, e.

    1. Hey Emilie, the only way I know to change it is by logging in to your Yahoo account. You could try unsubscribing, and re-signing up with a Yahoo account you can actually log into maybe? I don’t use a Yahoo address either, but I know I did set up a Yahoo account to set my preferences… it was 10 years ago though, so that’s all I remember!

      1. ummm but how can I unsubscribe either without being able to get into my Yahoo account, LOL? I guess I’m hooped! Or can you unsubscribe me and then re-subscribe me??

  11. Hello, I subscribe to this group and I am still not receiving emails. I use to be on this group and unsubscribed because of a move. Now I am back and would like to get on again. It’s been week and I have not heard anything. Any suggestions? What to do next? Thank you!! Christine

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